TPE uses state of the art equipment and the highest quality parts in bringing your engine to the closest tolerances.

With our high quality equipment we can design, develop, rebuild, balance and blueprint your performance or race engine!

Here is a list of some of our equipment:

  • Rottler Boring Bar
  • Rottler Surfacer
  • Sunnen Cylinder Hone
  • Sunnen Align Hone
  • Sunnen Rod Hone
  • DCM Wet Mag Machine
  • Sunnen Seat and Guide Machine
  • AXE Pressure Test Machine
  • Stewart Warner Balancer
  • Flywheel Surfacer
  • Stuska Dynomometer
  • Welding Equipment
  • Mill
  • Too many small tools and equipment to list!

TPE uses only top quality parts and accessories to maintain the highest standards possible.

Assembly Room

Seat and Guide Machine

Cylinder Hone

Pete’s milling an intake manifold.