Total Precision Engines Dynometer Installation

First a little background. In 2014 Total Precision Engines acquired a dyno from the estate of Bill Bradford. For decades Bill, a long-time friend of Bob Alder, was a prolific builder of Formula Ford engines. Since the mid-nineties his dyno resided at Bob’s shop in Denver, the World Headquarters of Team Terrific Racing . Sadly Bill passed away in Feb. of 2013. Ironically Bill and Pete Christensen had been informally exploring some sort of combined engine-building arrangement because Bill was looking to wind down his efforts. Bill’s sudden and untimely death resulted in Pete purchasing Bill’s inventory including the dyno. It continued to reside in Denver for more than two years until Pete was able to add a building and develop a dedicated dyno room at his Ft. Collins facility. Late in October of 2016 the space was ready to relocate the dyno.


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