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Pete Christensen

Pete has been competitive all of his life. Starting out racing bicycles to motorcycles early in life. This transitioned into building desert racers and sandrails with his dad and brother. Still at a young age, as teenage years approached it was about street cars and fast muscle cars. This led to circle track racing and drag racing. Since Pete was old enough to enter the pits at a race track he hasn't sat in the stands as a spectator more than a handful of times. It's all about being behind the scenes. This was the start of his professional engine building career.

Being the engine builder for several professional teams is what started what Pete is today. The first Championship Came at Saugus Speedway where his engine still holds the track record in class. Other wins and championships came at other tracks such as Mesa Marin Raceway and El Cajon. Willow Springs road course is another where winter series were won.

Drag racing is another area is another area Pete is proud of. After teaming up with a good friend Andy a few years back and won several races and back to back Championship were won in Super Comp Eliminator. " It was a lot of fun and I am glad I was part of it"

Road Course racing and vintage racing is yet another area Pete found himself in the paddocks of race tracks. Building engines for Cobra Club members who are very competitive racers that ran at Willow Springs and California Raceway to name a few.

Street Rods and muscle cars is another area Pete enjoys. He has built several cars himself from Camaro to SS Chevelles. Some day he will finish his own Chevelle.

Like any motorsports fan Pete is dedicated to other motorsports fans. From the simplest Street rod to the most competitive race team. It's all about building what's best for the customer's needs and wants!


Pete you made this all possible, thanks Andy


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